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5 Rituals to a fresh start

There's something magical about this time of year: back to school, the possibility of starting over from scratch in terms of priorities for professional and family life, the desire to enter the new season and even anticipating in new celebrations.

Still, it's common to feel the weight of that post-holiday depression and even the beginning of shorter days and cooler temperatures can lead us to feel a certain discouragement.

If this all sounds too familiar to you, I can assure you that you are not the only one. As the season changes, it's natural for our mood to change as well. Experts confirm that a decrease in daylight can affect our sleep, energy levels and social ability.

While it's essential to take steps to protect your mental health throughout the year, the changing seasons may require extra support. It becomes necessary to be proactive to prevent the sadness of autumn and winter from settling in.

One way to protect our mental health is to adopt some rituals that can support us in a positive way. Read on to learn about the five wellness rituals you can implement right now to make your return to work and normal life as smooth as possible.


When we have something to look forward to, we look to the future with anticipation and joy.

Whether it's planning a trip to the ballet, meeting a friend, or going out to dinner at your favorite restaurant, make a list of things for the near future that will give you a boost of well-being and energy.

Whatever you plan, make sure you do it because it actually brings you joy and not out of obligation or FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). In other words, be intentional with your time and fill it with what you value.


The change of season is the perfect time to do that closet cleaning and get rid of everything you no longer use. Look for local institutions to donate old items.

Review your style, plan and keep reference of what you like and start consciously planning the looks you want to wear. This will give you a purpose and allow you to feel good about yourself and your image.


As the weather outside turns grayer, we tend to spend more time indoors - especially for those who work from home.

Hobbies help relieve stress while allowing for a creative outlet. Interestingly, they can even help you perform better at work. Whether it's playing a different sport, learning photography or drawing, you're sure to find something new to try that will make you happier.


Cooking for me is therapy. By making it a point to try a new recipe each week, there is a manifestation of intent, of purpose, and something to look forward to, which can be energizing and inspiring.

In addition to being an opportunity to redefine your family's eating style, you can even reinvent the habits of all elements, including the children who will also be able to participate.


With the arrival of shorter days, it's natural to feel more tired. Getting enough sleep is proven to help strengthen the immune system. Create a consistent sleep schedule that works for you, and if your sleep is already in control, find other ways to protect your well-being this season. That could mean choosing your commitments wisely, spending less time on social media, or cultivating more self-love.

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