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Day to Night Capsule Collection - TFR x A-LINE

Suvelle sentada no chão com sombras de luz, vestida com jeans e top de seda bege

The festive season begins, and if you are like me and prefer understated simplicity to blinding brilliance, then I have the solution for you.

A capsule collection with elegant pieces that can be worn from day to night and well beyond the festivities. With a touch of sophistication combined with carefree elegance, the pieces in soft and delicate satin fall onto the body almost like a second skin, thus combining aesthetics with comfort.

With two colors, beige and black, this collection is durable and very versatile for a more formal or more relaxed wardrobe.

Detalhe drapeado top seda bege

Suvelle com pó compacto chanel na mão , vestida com jeans e top de seda bege

Suvelle de costas com vestido de seda slip em bege e costas do vestido drapeadas

Detalhe scrunchie bege no pulso de suvelle

Suvelle com vestido slip bege

- All pieces from Day to Night Capsule Collection The Feeting Room x A-Line

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