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DIY Textured wall art

Tela com Textura DIY

Since I saw this idea on Instagram of a painting with a minimalist texture, I was very excited to replicate it here at home. And it was with the remodeling of our salon, a room that we used very little, that I decided to move forward.

This "do it yourself" project is really easy to do and, for those with an artistic vein, it's a process that gives immense pleasure. The idea is to create, on a canvas, a random and abstract texture with joint compound and paint over it.

Here is the step by step and all the necessary material.


1 Cotton Canvas

Joint compound

Interior paint in your choice of color


Brush tool


Step 1 - Once you have all the materials, place the canvas on a flat protected surface, with paper or plastic underneath to avoid accidents.

Step 2 - Using the spatula spread portions of the compound on the canvas and spread it out randomly, creating texture. Be careful not to leave large portions, as you risk cracking as it dries.

In my case I didn't go with the compound completely to the edges and tried to make the texture more minimalist and not have too much 'noise'.

Step 3 - Let the canvas dry for at least 24 hours. When completely dry, paint the color you want. In my case, one coat was enough.

Tela com Textura DIY

Tela com Textura DIY

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