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L'And Vineyards

Taking advantage of the Easter holidays, we headed once again to our Alentejo for some well-deserved rest days with our children.

This time we chose to stay at the L'And Vineyards resort in Montemor-o-Novo, a space with minimalist and contemporary architecture, whose main theme is the surrounding wine landscape.

Admittedly as a luxury resort and with a culture dedicated to wine, this might not, at first sight, be the best option to go with children. But we decided to rent a villa, which, despite being more expensive, allowed us to have the necessary independence to be with the children.

The hotel does not consider itself as a family hotel - as it has some small restrictions, namely the limited access by hours for younger children and the lack of programs more suitable for them -, but curiously in the 5 days that we were there, most of the guests were (foreign) families with young children.

Regarding the service, a very positive note was given to the elegance, description and friendliness of all the staff towards us and also towards the children.

Unbelievably - it should be noted that we are a highly "technological" family - we didn't turn on the television for a single day and the use of other devices was very minimal. Our days were marked by walks on the resort property and the surrounding historic areas, bathing in our villa's swimming pool (whenever the weather allowed), and moments of conversation or board games.

Unfortunately, due to the rainy weather on some of the days, we were not able to try the outdoor pool, but we realized that it must be wonderful in the summer.

About the restaurant we can only speak about the very good breakfast, and the room service, which also has excellent options (although with very high prices, but nothing that we would not expect in a place like this), given that, since we were children, the restaurant was not the best option for dinner.

Not being a place accessible to the modest Portuguese wallet, it is still an absolutely wonderful experience, where relaxation is the keyword.


L'And Vineyards

Herdade das Valadas, N4

7050-051 Montemor-o-Novo

(+351) 266 242 400

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