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My Design Selection pieces

Stoff Nagel Candleholder

Entering the new year, there is nothing better than home renovations. If, on the one hand, I'm one of those people who loves redecorating and modifying the environment at home, on the other hand, our house is the space where we spend the vast majority of our time - especially now that work from home has become a commonplace.

I took advantage of the mini vacation I took between Christmas and New Year to remodel our lounge on the last floor of the house, which being a huge lounge was also the space that we used the least at home and was also a little forgotten. One of the reasons for this was perhaps the fact that the decoration of this room was the temporary original one - which ended up staying for too long and was in no way in line with our taste.

From painting walls to furniture, I did a little bit of everything and the path is half drawn. I say half because there are still some things left to really get the way I want it. But some pieces are already being chosen, and I decided to share some of the design pieces that I really love here.


GUBI marble table

Marble coffee table GUBI

Atollo Lamp


Stoff Nagel Candleholder

Candleholder STOFF NAGEL

Marble table AndTradition


Candleholder Interconnect Colin King


Lounge chair Lisboa MOR

Lounge Chair LISBOA

Bowl Georg Jensen

Bowl Georg Jensen

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