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7 Days after micro-needling with dermapen

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It's 39 just made and the age is already making itself noticeable. And as much as I try to embrace this aging process in the most natural way possible, the truth is that sometimes I look in the mirror and see - perhaps with too critical eyes - the wrinkles, the blemishes, the sagging skin and I feel like pull here, fill in there... in short, everything that any woman my age surely feels.

I have been able to stay away from fillers - botox and the like - largely due to issues related to my autoimmune system, and partly also because I quite honestly don't know how the skin will behave towards fillers over time. But more and more I pay more attention to my skin and look for non-invasive treatments that allow me above all to care for and prevent and even reverse some of the effects of aging.

In addition to having a routine that always includes hydration, UV protection and retinol, I also decided to do some more professional monthly treatments that allow for more visible results.

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One of those treatments that I did was a Micro-needling with Dermapen. For those who do not know, here is what this treatment consists of and what promises:


Micro-needling is an aesthetic treatment that serves to remove acne scars, disguise blemishes, other scars, wrinkles or skin expression lines, through a natural stimulation made with micro-needles that penetrate the dermis, favoring the formation of new collagen fibers , which give firmness and support to the skin.

This treatment can be performed in two ways, using a hand-held device called a Dermaroller or an automatic device called a DermaPen.

This treatment can cause some pain and discomfort when needles with more than 0.5 mm are used, and therefore, in this case it may be indicated to use an anesthetic ointment before starting the procedure. However, smaller needles do not need this step.


Dermapen is an automatic micro-needling pen that is more optimized than the conventional dermaroller. Drug Delivery enables the effective delivery of therapeutic molecules to diverse skin targets. The stratum corneum (the most superficial layer of the skin) is the most important barrier and the one that limits the penetration of active principles. To get an idea of ​​the capacity of this barrier, only about 0.03% of a product applied topically can reach the deeper layers.

The microperforations of the drug delivery technique have the function of overcoming this natural barrier, delivering the drugs more deeply and in a concentrated way. For this, an active principle is used – for example, in a treatment to lighten the skin, vitamin C or a lightener -, and a fractional laser, to make the substance penetrate well into the skin. In addition, there is the added benefit of stimulating the production of new cells, collagen fibers and elastin.

Any device that causes a loss of epidermal integrity (first layer of the skin) can act as a drug delivery, and some are more effective than others, whether due to the depth of penetration, the association of technologies and the formation or not of coagulation to the around the channel.

Drug delivery is indicated for the treatment of spots, wrinkles, sagging, rejuvenation, open pores, scars, stretch marks, acne scars, dark circles and hair loss. In the latter, substances are used to stimulate hair growth and strengthening. The treatment must be carried out in a doctor's office with all the care of asepsis and sterilization.


First and foremost, it is important to point out that not only this, but any treatment must always be carried out by a reliable and experienced professional. I have been performing treatments with Rute Alves from Formas Silk for some years now and she is a professional I recommend not only for her extensive experience but because she is someone who knows the skin like no one else and always seeks to solve basic problems and not just mask them - as sometimes happens when you put a filler on skin that needs to be treated at a different but basic level first.

Since last year I've had some sun spots - perhaps because after months of isolation at home, the desire to sunbathe led to a bit relaxed care and protection - and after several topical creams I realized that nothing was having an effect really notorious.

So Rute advised me to do a Dermapen with a vitamin complex that included Vitamin C.

The procedure is not painful, although initially it can be a little uncomfortable, but after the first minute it is perfectly peaceful. There are some more sensitive areas, but it will naturally vary depending on the person's sensitivity.


In the first 24 hours, the skin tightens and becomes very sensitive and some redder areas are noticed - if not the whole face. Note that it asks for hydration and absorbs creams like there is no tomorrow.

After the second day I felt my skin returning to normal in terms of sensitivity and, symptomatic or not, I noticed a more natural glow - that beautiful glow that we all love.

But after about 7 days I really noticed the effect of the treatment. My skin lightened a lot all over my face and I also noticed the area of ​​lighter dark circles - I have dark circles since always and very dark.

The spot that torments me the most, in the area of ​​the mustache, has not completely disappeared, but it has also cleared. I imagine it will be necessary to repeat it a few more times, but I believe it will disappear with this treatment.

I was so happy - and I will still be evaluating the skin in the near future as the effect is supposed to be noticeable over the first month - that this is one of those treatments I will want to repeat sporadically.

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