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Style Tips on How to dress classy

Elegance is defined as "the quality of being graceful and elegant in appearance and manners." Therefore, an elegant woman can be defined as someone who behaves with balance in a sophisticated and elegant way.

In short, much more than just the label of the clothes a woman wears, what defines elegance and style is the way a woman wears and uses these pieces.

Wasting money on trendy and unflattering clothes is definitely not the best way to achieve this goal. There are actually a few simple rules for strategically choosing items for your stylish wardrobe that make you feel confident every day.

Having an elegant woman's style is not something you can learn overnight or buy with money. It's an attitude about herself and the way she dresses. And how to dress with class and elegance? Here are some tips to help!


Regardless of your body type, dressing like a stylish woman means buying clothes that fit properly and enhance your figure.


Colors matter and the number one way you can make yourself look instantly more stylish is to incorporate neutral colors as much as possible into your wardrobe. While colors, especially bright ones, can be used elegantly, the truth is, they can also easily spoil everything. Neutral colors like white, beige, grey, camel and especially black can be effortlessly combined – and with any other colors – in endless combinations and always look elegant. While some other colors go in and out of fashion, neutrals stand the test of time. For that reason they are a perfect choice for a capsule wardrobe all year round, winter and summer.


Solid colors are the way to go when curating an elegant wardrobe. They are timeless, while most logos and prints become outdated. Avoid brand logos, prints and patterns.


Simplicity is the key to an elegant look. For that reason you should keep your jewelry very simple. Choose classic metals like gold, silver or rose gold. Once you've decided on the type of metal, try to buy each piece of jewelry in the same metal with the same minimalist style. In this way, you can easily mix and match with each other.


Your best bet for looking stylish is to opt for more neutral makeup. Opt for a more natural make-up to enhance your natural beauty and complement the rest of your neutral look.


While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it goes without saying that balance and symmetry are aesthetically pleasing. A rule of thumb in fashion is that if one part of the outfit is bulky, the other will look better if it's streamlined and fitted. For example, if your dress is slimmer, opt for a looser blazer to balance it out. If your pants are tight, pair them with an oversized shirt. On the other hand, a symmetrical outfit with a defined waist, such as a belted dress, is also pleasing to the eye.


This is one of the key tips because the issue of elegance is not limited by time. For this reason, it is necessary to invest in timeless pieces, not trends. Timeless pieces are perfect for any age and will last a long time if you choose the right ones. You can combine these pieces with each other for a classic look or with more modern items to keep the look fresh and trendy.

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