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My favourite things to do on weekends

The weekend is possibly the moment that we spend the most time looking forward to in our lives. And it's at the weekend that we can let go of the stress of work and get out of the routine of those who have children (and those who don't) and take the opportunity to do different things that allow us to recharge our batteries for the following week.

With the children older, and after the torment of months on end closed at home, we find ourselves wanting to go out, visit new places, or simply do different things that stimulate us adults, but also them kids.


Visit the Oceanarium

The Oceanarium is one of those programs that kids love and that, for some reason, I always find it almost calming. I typically like to end the program with a cable car ride and some pizzas at Zero Zero pizzeria.

Go to an Exhibition or Theater

According to age, fortunately, there are several options. For example, the Pavilion of Knowledge in Parque das Nações area, which alternates the theme and is always fun and educational.

With my children entering other ages, we like to visit monuments (such as the Palácio de Sintra), exhibitions such as the MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) or even theatre.

Visit Tapada de Mafra

I'm suspicious because I obviously live in Mafra. But who says Tapada de Mafra, says other natural parks that always appeal to the little ones.

Go to the movie

Cinema = Popcorn! And who doesn't love it? I also like to close this program with a dinner at a place of their choice - and yes, these days they can choose MacDonalds.

Make a recipe

Making a cake or cookies with children is one of the simplest things but at the same time the most fun, especially for them. The trick is to keep in mind that the kitchen is going to be pandemonium, but in the end it's always worth it.

Visit a nearby village

With so many beautiful towns/villages/localities, weather permitting it is one of the best options for getting out of the house on the weekend. Óbidos, Mafra (with a visit to the National Palace), Sintra (with a visit to the Palácio da Pena) or even downtown Lisbon are some nice options for those who live in the greater Lisbon area.


When this possibility exists - and we try to create it whenever possible for the sake of the health of our relationship as a couple - we take the opportunity to do things that give us pleasure and allow us to relax, date and enjoy each other. Children are a blessing, but returning to the dating stage is as wonderful as it is necessary.

Date movie night

This was and continues to be one of our favorite programs. Of course, we don't do it now as often as we'd like, but it's one of those basic and very accessible dates that let you escape the role of parenting for a few hours.

Romantic getaway

Although a little more expensive, spending a night or two away is one of those amazing and miraculous balms for a relationship. Not just because we are away from children, but because we literally move away from the routine of daily life and common spaces.

Spend the day out

Who never left the door early in the morning and only returned late at night? And how absolutely wonderful to have a whole day to go to that cafe, visit that exhibition, eat an ice cream or a crepe or just go see the sea.

Or spend it inside

Spending the day indoors - especially if the weather calls for it - can be just as delicious. Without the worries of meals or the need for attention to children, we can dedicate the day to doing what we most enjoy: a bath for two, sushi on the living room floor and a lot of romance in the mix.


There are many people for whom being alone is torture. As for me, I'm one of those people who sporadically enjoy a few moments of solitude. With nothing and nobody, I confess that I feel a certain freedom in having only myself for company.

Take an immersion bath

Although this is one of those things that also feels good to do as a couple, taking an immersion bath with lots of foam, just with the atmosphere of a few candles and favorite music in the background is one of those moments full of serenity, perfect for relaxing.

Sofa and Netflix

There's not much to say: favorite TV series and a bowl of cereal are definitely one of my favorite activities.

Spa time

Appointing a massage, nails or hair and taking care of ourselves is something that fills us with pleasure and makes us feel completely renewed. And if there is a possibility, stopping by a store after and buying a treat for ourselves completes the day in a fabulous way.

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